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Wednesday, May 4, 2016
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Mark Fiore the 2016 Herblock Prize Winner!
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First winners of the new Editorial Cartooning Category!
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Traveling Exhibitions & DVD
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Herb Block Scholarship
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Pointing Their Pens: Herblock and Fellow Cartoonists Confront the Issues
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Defending Basic Freedoms Grant

The Herb Block Foundation seeks proposals to safeguard the basic freedoms guaranteed in our Bill of Rights, and to help eliminate all forms of prejudice and discrimination and to assist government agencies to be more accountable to the public... learn more

Pathways Out of Poverty Grant

This program will focus on helping needy young people and adults gain a quality education. For projects serving youth, the foundation seeks proposals which focus on improving student achievement and healthy development of young people of middle school age and above... learn more

Encouraging Citizen Involvement Grant

The Herb Block Foundation seeks to help ensure a responsible, responsive democratic government through citizen involvement. Proposals may focus on citizen education and greater voter participation in the electoral process... learn more